Women’s Business Report, a half hour television program that highlights women business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs, airs every 4th Sunday on News Channel 8.


Comcast 808/ Verizon Fios 508 / Cox 1008 / RCN 608 / DirecTV 8 / Dish Network 8Women's Business Report was created in March 2015 as a television special to commemorate Women’s History Month. The show was very well received and evolved into a series.

Each program features dynamic women business owners, leaders and owners who have a unique and compelling story of their success. We are excited to continue our efforts to feature women in a positive and uplifting manner. The show provides optimistic examples of women who are making a difference.

If you are or know a business woman you feel we should feature contact us at info@womenbusinessreport.com or call 202-347-1415